How Vascular Radiology Can Prevent Serious Kidney Stone Complications In Children

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As a parent, you want to take steps towards protecting your child from serious health problems. One concern that rarely enters a parent's mind is the development of kidney stones. While somewhat rare, this problem can occur and become a serious issue. As a result, it is important to know how vascular radiology can help manage this problem safely and effectively.

Signs Your Child Is Suffering From This Problem

Parents don't think about kidney stones developing in their children because it doesn't happen that often. However, there has been an upgrade in this problem occurring in a growing number of children. When it strikes, a child is going to feel severe pain in the back and belly and have issues urinating. They may go in their pants or struggle to go at all.  

The problem with kidney stones and children is that doctors rarely test children for them. There are other problems that can cause similar symptoms. As a result, they may not give a child vascular radiology and allow more serious problems to develop. That's why it is important to get radiology done as soon as possible.

Spotting And Treating This Problem Is Essential

While developing kidney stones is rare for a child, it is important to get them checked out right away if they suffer from any of the symptoms above. That's because they may suffer from a complication known as hydronephrosis. This problem occurs when the kidney swells up due to blockage or other problems in the kidney and bladders. In some instances, it can be severe or even deadly.

The problem here is that testing for kidney stones efficiently can seem invasive and problematic for a young child's health. Thankfully, there are less invasive methods available. The most effective way to spot kidney stones in a child and prevent hydronephrosis is vascular radiology.  

How Vascular Radiology Helps

Vascular radiology from a hospital like DeSoto Memorial Hospital uses image-guided procedures to investigate problems in your body, focusing heavily on the organs. It can be a very useful way of addressing the possible development of kidney stones. A child who is showing symptoms of this problem can be examined with by a vascular radiologist to see if any stones are forming.

Then, the radiologist can work with a specialist to find a way to manage the kidney stones quickly and efficiently. For example, they can examine the child's kidney and see if any problems, such as blockages, are occurring because of the stones. This can guide a successful treatment method and save a child's life.

So don't hesitate to talk to a vascular radiologist if you believe that someone you love is suffering from severe or even mild kidney stones. You can help them avoid serious health problems and let them grow up to be healthy and strong.