Three Ways to Alleviate Financial Stress During Pregnancy

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Whether the pregnancy is planned or unexpected, expectant mothers may be overwhelmed by the financial obligations that accompany pregnancy. There are numerous expenses, such as those associated with buying baby gear, paying for medical care, and covering lost income due to pregnancy-related illness. Consider implementing one or all of these ideas to alleviate financial distress related to your pregnancy.

1. Apply for the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program

The WIC program is a government-sponsored program intended to help provide proper nutrition to pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, babies, and children. If you qualify, you can use the program from six weeks pregnant to six months postpartum. Nursing mothers may stay in the program for one year after giving birth.

There are income restrictions associated with WIC. The exact amounts vary from state to state.

If you already receive certain government benefits, such as food stamps, you automatically qualify for WIC.

The WIC program provides expectant mothers vouchers that they can use to purchase certain predesignated food items.

2. See Whether You Qualify for Pregnancy Medicaid

Pregnancy Medicaid is an option for mothers who either don't have health insurance or cannot afford their health insurance. There are income restrictions associated with pregnancy Medicaid; your household income cannot exceed 133 percent of the federal poverty level.

However, if your income is too high, you may still qualify. Some women are approved if they suffer from certain medical conditions.

If you are approved, pregnancy Medicaid will pay your medical professionals directly. You may still have a small co-pay for the services rendered.

Expectant mothers are covered throughout the duration of their pregnancy. Any pregnancy-related complications are also covered for sixty days after delivery. 

3. Ask Your Doctor for Samples

Nothing is worse than purchasing a huge bottle of prenatal vitamins only to learn within a few days that they cause you to feel nauseous or become constipated. Before you buy vitamins, ask your doctor for samples. Not only do samples give you a chance to try the product before you commit to it, but the samples save you money.

Once you find a vitamin that works for you, you can ask your doctor for vouchers or coupons to make the vitamin as budget friendly as possible.

The same applies for any prescriptions your doctor may prescribe. Ask for samples, coupons, and vouchers to reduce your expenses.

Though pregnancy is an exciting time in a woman's life, it brings with it a host of expenses. Take a few moments to learn a few ways that expectant mothers can reduce expenses associated with their pregnancies. By doing so, you can relieve some of the monetary challenges that accompany pregnancy. Ask for pregnancy counseling at a health center near you for more personalized guidance.