3 Signs That You Need To Take Your Child To The Doctor

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Being a parent can be incredibly satisfying and beautiful. Many people look forward to the day when they will hold a child in their arms and be able to experience the joys of parenthood. However, with parenthood comes a wide range of emotions, including fear and confusion when your child is sick. It can be very stressful to try and figure out what is wrong and know what to do for your child to help them become healthy. Here are some things you should know about caring for your child.

1. Fevers Are A Sign Of Infection and Should Be Addressed

One of the hardest things is knowing when to take your child to the doctor. If your child is feeling under the weather you might wonder if it is worth a trip to the doctor of if you should wait it out. Usually a fever is a sign that you should see a doctor. This is especially the case if your child is an infant. Babies under 12 weeks old should never run a fever, so if your child's body heat is rising, you need to go to a doctor right away, even the emergency room.

A fever is considered anything over 100.4 degrees and is usually a sign of an infection. You can get antibiotics is the infection is bacterial in nature, but if it is viral they might have a harder time treating it. Either way, you should see a doctor about possible treatments.

2. Your Child Isn't Eating Normally

Another sign that you have a problem is that the child isn't eating or drinking as they should. If you have an infant and they show no desire to nurse or take a bottle, you need to take them to the doctor right away. Keep track of the wet diapers. If they aren't wetting a diaper every about 8 hours then they need medical attention.

Even older children should be eating and drinking often. Children can easily get dehydrated, so even one day of being sick and not eating and drinking can become dangerous.

3. Your Child Seems Lethargic and Unresponsive

If at any point your child seems too tired to respond to you, or is so lethargic that they can't function, get medical attention right away. This could be caused from a variety of problems, and if it goes unattended it could become very dangerous.

By knowing these things you can protect your child and know when to seek professional medical attention, such as from those at Burnsville Family Physicians.